About me

  • A Grade 10 student in Canada
  • A gulugulu Google, Apple, unix lover
  • Contact Me: contact@ohevan.com


  • Hexo Theme Redefine
  • Particular Icon Pack
  • One of the creators of CooflyMC Minecraft Server
  • JCSS Unofficial Forum


  • Phigros: Not good
  • Musical Instruments: Violon
  • Minecraft: Java version and iOS version. I used to play Hypixel. However I GaVe It uP very soon.
  • Battlefield V: Not anymore
  • Cities Skylines: Yeah very hardcore
  • Coding: A little C++ and Python. A lot of HTML and CSS and javascript.
  • Music: pop, eletronic
  • Soccer: Messi Forever
  • Arduino: A little
  • Raspberry pi: Love Ubuntu
  • Solidworks: Still a litte
  • Forza Horizon 2/4/5: Used to play a lot
  • Build websites: I have built 6 websites till now

Social Platforms

Facebook: @Jiang Wen
Twitter: @Jiang Wen